Organise Your Attic Bedroom


4 Tips to Organize Your Attic Bedrooms

Converting the attic is an appealing prospect for those who want to extend their living space without necessarily expanding outside the area currently occupied by their home. It has also become attractive to many because it does not require a new structure to be built. Instead, one only has to renovate the attic such that it becomes fit to live in for a great cost saving.

Attic Bedrooms

While one can convert the attic into whatever way legally possible, the most common end product of this renovation process is the attic bedroom. As attics end up smaller than it originally was post-conversion, repurposing it as bedroom space is one of the most obvious choices.

As mentioned, attic space can be unfortunately smaller than it used to. It can end up cramped, and cluttered areas can be hard for some people to sleep in. Thus, if you have plans to convert your Attic into some sort of sleeping quarters, you should always think about maximizing the space. Here are some tips for that matter.

Choose space-efficient bedding.

Perhaps the largest and most space-consuming piece of furniture in every bathroom is the bed. One can take much space in a attic room, and two can be rather problematic. Fold down beds — those hinged on one end so as to be stored vertically against a wall or in its closet — can solve this problem for single occupants. Multiple occupants can opt for trundle beds or, if the headroom is high enough, bunk beds.

Minimize your furniture. Use versatile ones if possible

Owning furniture in your attic can bring convenience at the cost of living space. Consider what you’ll need when choosing furniture for your attic room. Those that can be used for more than one purpose are highly recommended. Furniture that you’ll have to get rid of are those that are too bulky for its use, gets in the way and those with unnecessarily redundant functions.

Be clever with your storage

Storing things in a small attic in an organized manner can be rather tricky. You can extend ledges with wooden boards to make shelves. You can also build closets into the walls, but make sure you don’t affect the roofing support. Also, store small articles in containers appropriate for their amount and get rid of all the useless clutter.

Strategically position smaller rooms like bathrooms

Small rooms like dressing rooms and toilets can take considerable space from your attic room. When designing your attic, make sure that they aren’t put in obstructive places, but are easily accessible from the bed.

For all these tips, organization is the most prominent word. Indeed it is the key to having an orderly and space-efficient attic bedroom, one where you’ll most likely be able to sleep well in.

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