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Loft Conversion Hounslow

Our goal is to make your attic as functional and beautiful as possible. We are an Hounslow based business that services the whole of Hounslow as well as surrounding counties. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the great ideas we have for an attic transformation. You have many options.

You can contact us to have a discussion about what you desire. We are happy to help you navigate your options and offer any advice based on our many years of experience.

Getting the Attic for your Hounslow Home Renovated

Our loft team includes the best carpentry, fitting and construction specialists in order to provide you with the highest level workmanship. The best attic is available at a very affordable price. We deliver on time and on budget. A number of satisfied homeowners have recommended us to others in Hounslow.

A number of Hounslow homeowners have benefitted from loft conversions. It’s an alternative for moving house that saves money. If they do decide to sell their home, the additional living space in the converted attic will make it more valuable. You’ll be impressed by our work in our portfolio of loft conversions.

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Cost Price Of An Attic Conversion

The standard 3 bedroom semi attic conversion starts at £18000. The job is finished in 10 working day. We have transformed lofts throughout the Hounslow. Contact us if there are any questions regarding your house or roof. Our team of experts has found solutions that have worked for our customers. Please contact us.

Our teams consist of top construction, carpentry, and fitting specialists who will give you the highest standard of workmanship. You’ll get the best attic for the most affordable price. It will also be delivered on time. Thanks to the word-of-mouth referrals and delight from many homeowners in Hounslow, we have built a solid reputation.

A conversion of the attic is also a great option for those with an artistic bent. Artists, writers, sculptors etc. would no doubt find endless amounts of inspiration with a light filled, spacious room that’s cordoned off from the rest of the house.

Get the Most From Your Loft Space

Our goal is to always offer the highest quality service and craftsmanship to homeowners within the Hounslow. We strive to provide the highest level professionalism and attic conversions that are affordable. Additionally, your attic conversion will not eat into your yard or driveway.

You may want to expand to be able to house a growing family, add more bedrooms or make it easier to work from home. It is better to stay in the home you like than to move to buy a larger property. There is potential for your home to have additional rooms. That is why we offer a loft conversion and home extension design, build, and project management services.

Most loft conversions are expensive. This is due in part to the high labour and material cost involved in converting storage space into useful rooms from our (or your) designs. This can raise your property’s total value by hundreds, if certainly not thousands.

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Terraced House Attic Conversion Hounslow

We most commonly convert attics for semi-detached homes with 3 bedrooms. This is the most common house type in Hounslow, and in surrounding counties. As we do these conversions every week, we are very familiar with this type of attic.

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Hipped Roof Attic Conversion Hounslow

Hipped roofs are very common in certain Hounslow areas. Here’s an example showing how a hipped rooftop can be used for loft extension. You will need to get planning permission from the local council if your roof is being modified. Take a look at the houses in your neighborhood to see if they have loft conversions. They are allowed to convert if permission is granted by the council.

Bungalow Attic Conversion Hounslow

Our teams are made up of the best fitting, carpentry, and construction professionals to ensure you get the highest quality work. We will deliver a stunning attic for the lowest price, on time and within your budget. Thanks to the word-of-mouth referrals and delight from many homeowners in Hounslow, we have built a solid reputation.

It is important to point out that the structure of the existing roof can make creating a loft more difficult than necessary. You should therefore include a loft on your home’s original plan. A plan for a loft may not have been drawn in your original home plan.

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Mansard Loft Attic conversions

People often love their home and its surroundings. They don’t relish the thought of moving to another house, or one that is larger and more expensive. Perhaps you feel an attachment to your home, but would like more space. An attic convert could help you create an additional bedroom, extra storage space, or even a bathroom.

Areas We Cover in Hounslow

  • Brentford
  • Brentford End
  • Chiswick
  • Cranford
  • Feltham
  • Lower Feltham
  • North Feltham
  • Grove Park
  • Gunnersbury
  • Hanworth
  • Hatton
  • Heston
  • Hounslow West
  • Isleworth
  • Lampton
  • North Hyde
  • Osterley
  • Spring Grove
  • Woodlands
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